Room Info

Lewis Hall has four floors plus a basement, with rooms on every floor except in the basement. Each residential floor has one kitchen and two bathrooms (each with 4 bathroom stalls and 4 shower stalls) and a common lobby area with couches. Almost all of the rooms in Lewis are doubles, although there are also singles, quads, and a few six-chick rooms. Rooms are selected by a lottery system in the spring, in descending order of seniority, and each hallway is mixed with freshmen through seniors. Our Rector lives on the first floor; the two Assistant Rectors live on the third and fourth floors; and two RAs live on each floor in their own rooms.


GENERAL: There is an overwhelming chance you will find yourself in one of Lewis‘s luxurious 14‘6” x 12‘ doubles (were you sitting down for that?), especially since the singles, quads and six-chicks usually go quickly to upperclassmen. All of the rooms feature tile floors, a large 62”h x 54”w window with black-out curtains and a window sill (a low heat vent stretches all the way across the window wall almost a foot high and a few inches into the room), a sink with a mirrored medicine cabinet, a built-in wardrobe, and several bookshelves mounted on the walls. The 3-4 bookshelves per room are generally 8”-12” deep and up to 5‘ long set on mounted wall brackets. They vary in location from room to room, but are generally mounted rather high on the wall, so you can have your bed, desk, small refrigerator, plastic storage units, etc., flush to the wall for maximum space utilization. The walls, floors, and curtains are suitably creamy-beige-whitish-neutral. However, with some creativity and your own personal touches, you can easily transform this routine shell into your palace! (You‘ll feel better after you see Dillon‘s and Morrissey‘s rooms!)

Besides these fixed assets, your room will also boast the following amenities:

  • 2 moveable standard twin beds (80 in. in length) with metal frames (suitable for bunking)*
  • 2 moveable wooden desks and 2 wooden desk chairs*
  • 2 towel racks mounted beside the sink (one on the wall and one on the wardrobe)
  • 2 Outlets for computers and hook-ups for ND‘s Ethernet as well as the cable connection and a coaxial cable 
  • 1 waste basket and 1 recycling bucket
  • 1 bulletin board/white board in the hallway outside your door
  • *Rooms 111-116 and rooms ending in 22, 24, 26, 39, 41, or 43 will all have modular furniture for the 2013-2014 school year which means in addition to bunking your beds, you can "loft" the beds on top of the closet and desk units for your own little space in your room!



THE CLOSET: The wardrobe is fixed and juts out into the room. It is 4‘6” wide, and goes from floor to ceiling (standard height ceilings in most cases). This closet is the most daunting challenge of your room, but thousands of chicks have made it work, and so can you! The wardrobe has a floor to ceiling door on one side, with an upper shelf, long hanging space, and two lower shelves inside. The other half of the wardrobe has an upper door, with a high shelf and a short hanging space inside. Below this are five drawers (three of medium depth, and two lower drawers slightly deeper – yes, your first puzzle in sharing – for absolute evenness, you might share one of the medium drawers). However, extra stackable shelving, under-the- sink and under-the-bed storage, coat racks, stick-on hooks, and the frame of your bed all help greatly in making it possible to cram an unbelievable amount into your humble abode! If possible, pack your winter clothes in a suitcase or trunk, which can be stored in the basement until you need them and then switched out with your summer things. Think ―less is more.


WALLS AND DOORS: Generally, you can put anything on your walls as long as you avoid damaging the wood, the walls, or the paint, any of which carries a monetary fine – so no screws or nails. The room doors are fire doors and are thicker and taller than normal. They recently installed beautiful new cherry wood doors, which make the hall look really nice, but it means we need to take good care of them to keep them nice. You will only be allowed to use blue painter‘s tape to hang things on your door. Since these doors are so high and a bit thicker than normal doors, over-the-door hanging hooks are not too practical. The wardrobe doors on both sides go to the ceiling, but over-the-door hooks CAN be used on them. The door faces are great for stick-on mirrors, pictures, and posters. Rubber tacking or 3M poster strips are best for holding power and easy removal, and some stick-on hooks can hold bulky parkas and still come off successfully. If you choose to tape posters onto your wall, you must use blue painter‘s tape, so as not to damage the newly painted walls when the posters come down.



BEDS: Since the beds are moveable, there is much to be said about the various options you have for arranging them. Leaving them both on the floor means no one has an upper bunk, and it may look more like home. Stacking them as bunk beds means you take up the floor space of only one bed. Many people choose to purchase bed ends to put underneath their bunk beds so that they can have more storage space underneath the beds.

ESSENTIAL SHOPPING TIP: Beds are 80 inches so buy EXTRA LONG TWIN sheets

NOTE #1: Ladders and guard rails are available for bunk beds through your RA once you decide how you want to arrange your beds. Do keep in mind that if you choose to do this, the person on the top bunk will be closer to the ceiling, but not uncomfortable. While upperclassmen are allowed to build lofts,


Freshman are not permitted to build lofts. Many other arrangements are popular, so you might want to take a look at the rooms when you arrive before making your decision, or ask any upperclassmen, who will be glad to offer suggestions!

NOTE #2: Rooms 111-116 and all rooms ending in 22, 24, 26, 39, 41, and 43 all have the University modular system (if this is you, click here). 

ROOM LAYOUT: The wardrobe and the sink are always on the same side of the room, but this could be either the left or the right side depending on how your door opens.The window wall is always opposite the door wall, and while the window is centered, the door is not. The sink is more or less centered in the space between the door wall and the end of the wardrobe, with a towel rack on each side. And finally, a bed can fit lengthwise along the wall opposite the sink with enough room before the door frame to place a bedside table or narrow storage unit beside it. The beds can also fit end-to-end along the wall opposite the sink, but only one will fit lengthwise along the window wall (a bed cannot fit lengthwise anywhere along the door wall). Of course, all of this depends on where your bookshelves are mounted! And your desks go anywhere your beds aren‘t (they‘re not huge, but will hold a lamp and a computer with space left to write, and they have a lap drawer and three side drawers)! Sounds like a math problem that you should be able to get, but there is not one right answer, only numerous possibilities. Have fun planning, but be assured that the “wait and see” approach is generally very successful!


CURTAINS: The window in the rooms comes with 2 blackout curtains. The University has requested that curtains not be removed or replaced (that's how they get damaged), so don't plan on brining your own curtains this year!


CARPET: The most popular decoration option at Lewis is carpeting. Carpet and/or area rugs add a lot of color, keep your feet (and the backsides of your friends who are chillin‘ in your room) warmer when the temperature drops, and help make your space seem more like home. Old carpet is probably the most practical because everything from makeup to fruit punch (both invariably red) tends to get spilled often! Rather than haul your new carpet across the state or country, wait until you get to South Bend to buy it.  New and used carpet is available on campus at Stepan during orientation weekend, and you‘ll have the chance to see your room configuration before spending your summer‘s hard-earned cash. To avoid trouble at the end of the year, do not glue your carpet to the floor!



  • under the bed storage
  • back of the door rack
  • bed risers (note: you may bunk your beds or place them on risers...not both!)
  • double hang closet rod